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A passion for genetics, growing and teaching are all discovered and for hire at The Ethos Collective.
by Jen Bernstein

Colin Gordon, founder of The Ethos Collective in Denver, started growing in 1993 after bringing a pack of seeds back form a trip to Amsterdam. "I like good product, but couldn't afford good weed. So I grew my own." After crossing Skunk 1 with NL5 x Haze (the Cannibus Cup winner that year) Gordon's experiment generated a dozen seeds, and he was hooked. "I"m a seed addict. I love popping seeds and watching the process--the flowering, looking at the different gene expressions is just fun."

Fast forward 22 years, and Gordon brings that same passion for genetics to his own business and through teaching others how to begin their own grows--start to finish. "We start off by creating an architectural plan, including everything from the sketch of the room, to lighting designs, nutrient systems and environmental controls like ventilation. Some clients may just want us to help them sell a grow, it could be existing already, or others may contract us to teach them how to get growing--market, brand and get their product in stores."

Gordon has experienced the green rush and the green grab firsthand as Colorado becomes saturated with first time, would-be ganjapreneurs. "A lot of people call and want to get into the industry. I immediately vet them and advise them into paying a retainer, and explain to them that there are a lot of obstacles. If they still want to get into cannabis, we either sign a short- or long-term contract, depending on their needs. Each client is different. Some want us to do everything from hiring their growers, and starting their genetics to doing a complete growroom set-up. We not only have the knowledge, but six years of hands-on experience in commercial grows that a lot of newcomers can appreciate."

With the mortgage crisis and the fall of the housing market in 2008, Gordon was "unhappy with the current situation and wanted to change the ethos of the cannabis industry." During the crash he taught unemployed friends how to cultivate by setting up 10 to 12 light grows in their basements. "They had no idea that they could legally grow and sell weed." A lot of teaching and consulting, Gordon says, is about having conversations. "I was a poker coach and I was surprised how easily it translated into cannabis, but you have to know your toolbox." For Gordon, that came from a year working in a hydro shop and talking to everyone from nutrient experts to technology reps.

Gordon continues to teach and grow The Ethos Collective, having recently inked a deal to merge with Dynamic Grow and distribute Ethos Seeds in Illinois, Washington, Oregon and Nevada. "Dynamic Grow has the forward thinking to distribute our strain genetics. You'll be seeing Ethos in these states, and every future medical and recreation state."


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